Bright Lights Moving Around The UK Skies Spark UFO Claims


Video of white lights in the sky gets alien hunters into a frenzy amid claims they are alien spacecraft visiting Earth.

YouTube user Wayne Austin uploaded the video to the video sharing site on September 27. He asks the viewers to help him identify the strange lights above Chesterfield in Derbyshire.

According to reports, many people around Manchester claimed to have seen the same strange phenomenon.

The YouTube video shows two lights moving in a random manner in the sky.

Houfton Road, Bolsover resident Fiona Jordan described the UFOs as little cloudy lights in the sky, and they were like dancing.

Jordan said that she noticed the UFOs when she just let her dogs out before going to bed. She claimed to have seen a total of four UFOs – one above the house of her neighbor and three over another house in her neighborhood.

Jordan observed the unidentified flying objects for around 20 minutes. She also revealed that her son in Carr Vale also saw the same things about two or three nights ago.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that these lights are UFOs, which usually perform for the witness with loops or return to observe the witness while keeping distance for 5 to 10 minutes.

However, skeptics have more conventional explanation saying that the lights were simply beams from a circus or another event for entertainment purpose.

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  1. Before anyone says its a laser show at some outside party….doubt it, for one, i’ve seen these laser shows and even just the odd one or two private ones from people having a laugh…but with these laser lights, you also get a beam of light going up, and there is absolutely none here, it does look like it’s something above the clouds with very bright lights underneath, I’ve seen similar from passenger airliners coming in to land on a cloudy night, the only difference here, is the way they’re moving about, there is obviously more than one, and they’re moving at times too close together, stopping and shooting off in opposite direction too quickly….????

  2. I saw these lights too around the time 2030-2200. I know which direction they were coming from as I observed them in two places. In Stanton Hill (Sutton-in-Ashfield), the lights appeared to come from a NW direction. A few miles away in South Normanton (Derbyshire) they were coming from a more NNW direction. It appears to be towards Manchester. There angle was not much above house roof tops, and the lights repeated the same motions time and time again, so definitely timed mechanical movement. I didn’t see a projection beam, so it appeared that the light was coming from above the clouds and not below. There must have been a perfectly flat blanket of high cloud, as I never once saw a change in the clouds that perhaps would have given me a better idea of whether the projection was from above or below the cloud level. The sweep of the lights must have been huge considering its distance from me, as of course the power of the lights too. Can anyone confirm exactly what this was? Whether a circus or part of a concert light show or something? Again, I’m surprised I saw no beams – the air must have been crystal clear.

  3. For the past three nights I have been observing a bright light in the sky over N/W Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK, 29/11/16 – 01/12/16. It appears to move either from side to side or up then down, it looks about 2-3 miles away and from where i am observing it appears to move about 100mm which could be about 100mtrs at the point of location, it also flickers and alternates between bright and dim. I have noticed it appear between 4:30-5:00pm it is visible for about an hour or so at a time. Around 6pm last night while i was looking at it, our local police helicopter flew over my house towards the light, the helicopter kept a reasonable distance away and then circled the light twice, the helicopter hovered about 1/2 mile away from the light for about 2 minutes then the light just disappeared as though someone had switched it off!
    This is definitely not a star, neither is it a planet, it is some sort of aircraft, maybe man made, maybe from out of this world! I did consider a drone, i honestly do not think it could be a drone as it stays in the same place for to long, as i said it moves up, down and side to side, a drone would move around the area, not sit still in the same place for over an hour.
    Anyway i can not be the only person to notice this strange occurrence, or maybe i am as most people nowadays seem to be living in a dream!! LOL.

  4. I saw the same kind of light movement on 22nd april 2018 in kolkata, india. It was cloudy then…a similar kind of situation that i see over here. I am very much curious to know what exactly are these? And those lights were no party lights and it couldn’t be any plane coz those two light spots were kind of oscillating in a particular range

  5. Today 16 January 2021 in India Kerala, from above my house , about from 8:15 I saw 2 lights one was comparatively small
    was continue sly moving in a pattern . first it was in clockwise direction repeated twice and then in anti clockwise also in twice at last it circulates a large orbit that was in anticlockwise and was little bit faster. the second one is parallel to that light . it was seen in thick clouds . at a definite time and at a definite circulation these lights where changing its position and direction but in a same patter . the radius of the orbit was continuously being increasing when it changes position.

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