Amazing daytime UFO sighting over Guangzhou, China


Here’s one interesting UFO footage of a mass sighting that was filmed over Guangzhou, China. This happened on 11th April 2016.

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UFO Over China Turns The Street Into Parking Area

City people seems to stop and stare a UFO that appears in the sky above them. A dashboard camera of a car reportedly captures the entire event. It shows people stopping, staring and capturing either a photo or video of the UFO. The crowd builds up in a highway and makes the street like a parking lot. People get out of their cars and start capturing the UFO with their cameras and mobile phones.

The video is reportedly taken in Guangzhou, China back in April, but only gone viral after it was uploaded to YouTube by a UFO blogger. He says that this is a fantastic example of a huge UFO over China. The uploader suggests to the viewer to view the video in full screen to notice the UFO wobbles as it moves.

It looks like a disk UFO and perhaps spinning as it moves just like many other UFOs being reported in the past, the uploader explains.

However, some express skepticism about it being a real event.

Social media user Maverick says that it is funny that this is the only source of the video on YouTube considering so many people in the video were also recording this alleged mysterious event.
Another viewer says that it looks like the video shows a part of a commercial.

Another user adds that this is very fake after noticing that the UFO bounces as the camera bounces, making it clearly composed.

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  1. Classic Fake. The noise in the image, like it’s still ‘videotaped’ is a classic… so many witnesses, yet only 320×240 resolution footage… lol come on guys. Scott C waring shares a lot of nice stuff, but very often complete bs.

  2. Thank you for a clear outstanding Flying Saucer video!!!!
    (I think the US has one for sale for $20 Trillion. Element 115 Uup extra.
    Hey! I think we have China as a solid buyer! Our National Debt problem will be solved.
    Any takers?)
    Thanka a Million!

  3. the beginning of the video gives it away as phony entertainment. i don’t know why all the people are stopped, but they are recording something else. the ufo was cgi’d in.

  4. 28 seconds, you can hear a very specific shout. 34 seconds, same shout, and yet, the time-code (bottom right) doesn’t come back. Basically, there’s an audio loop at the end of the video.
    Besides this, some “details”:
    – No more cars come on the other side of the highway (probably because this was filmed on a construction site)
    – the girl on the right is pointing a “black-screened” phone to the sky.
    – the guy who points at the sky in the end of the video is clearly pointing to the wrong place…
    HUUUUUGE bs, my friends…

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