NASA Cut Off Video Again To Hide The Truth on UFOs, Conspiracy Theorists Claim


A UFO was observed hurtling across the International Space Station before the live feed was cut off. The video was captured by the High Definition Earth Viewing Experiment (HDEV) from the ISS. It shows an amazing shot of the earth from space.

It wasn’t the first time NASA cut off a live feed after an appearance of a mystery UFO as similar action was done multiple times.

The video, which was uploaded online by ColdPyro, shows an apparent faint, silver object flying across the screen. On an initial look, the UFO was an interesting dot that looked like it was accelerating. When the UFO moved out of the frame, the live feed went off suddenly that followed by the familiar message “Please stand by.” The message also informed the HDEV is either switching cameras, or a temporary loss of signal is being experienced with the International Space Station.

Conspiracy theorists say that it is NASA’s common practice every time a UFO appears on the screen. Because of the space agency’s repetitive action, speculations of a cover-up are on the rise against ISS and NASA.

The video was taken from the official ISS channel, according to ColdPyro, who posted it online.

The UFO can be seen for about 5 seconds to the left of center in the frame. Then the video suddenly went into a blank blue screen.

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  1. i watched it frame by frame and it looks like it was put in on purpose. the iss loses it’s picture alot, due to position of sun and other technical things. it doesn’t always mean a ufo was seen.

  2. NASA camera operators need to get off the idiot train and realize that we the public know that viewing these videos are real UFO sightings and NASA need to retrain there operators and that the truth is out there. Use your heads and believe what you are seeing is the real and either our useless Military or real Alien. Shutting off the Camera’s only means there REAL alien craft, and trying to hide it over and over, we’re not that blind from the truth.

  3. we are never going to know the truth, it’s they way they want it, unless some one records one landing or flying in front of us in clear view instead of videos and images all ways out of focus we will never know, each time I view video feeds or still images that are clear they are all ways called a fake and most of them are, I’m a firm believer in UFO’s and I’m sure NASA has a lot more in proof that we are never going to see full stop. All these people on this Earth and we still cant get a clear view with all the HD and cameras we own nothing ever comes out and says here’s you proof.

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