Inexplicable Bright Lights Rock A Canadian City


Bright lights in the sky have sparked fears of space alien arrival in a city. An online video shows four lights flying in formation before one suddenly vanishes from view.

The terrified man who captured the video claimed that the UFOs followed him for 12 miles down the highway in Brandon, Canada.

The city has recorded 30 sightings in 2015.

In the background of the video, which was uploaded on Saturday, the man can be heard saying he was shaking. He added that the UFOs followed him along the highway and he could not believe he was holding the camera steady.

There have been some unbelievable claims of UFO sightings recently, including alien bases on the Moon.

There were also claims involving crashed spaceship on Mars and a UFO passing the Supermoon.

Manitoba Museum UFO expert Scott Young said the city had experienced an increase in the number of UFO sightings.

Scott said that seeing UFOs in the flesh could give a weird sensation. He added that it is no surprise people seeing these unexplained lights find them bizarre and take videos.

Local astronomer Chris Rutkowski said there might be alien spaceships as people have seen V-shaped formations of orange lights. He revealed that 50% of the sightings reported recently were puzzling and worth further study.

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  1. There is no reason, that’s REASON, for fear. If they were dangerous they would have blasted us long ago. Please stop trembling. If you really are.

  2. One possible explanation, Shilo, an army base east of town often does night training exercises using some sort of a suspended flares, deployed in a row. This is not uncommon, having seen these myself numerous times.

  3. what the?? what happened to the video? the ad was longer than the sighting part! and that part got cut off! bad editing LUFOS. very bad.

  4. My husband has seen different color of lights moving from one place to another at a high rate of speed, then several people including me in 95’seen a v shape flying very low with bright lights , very big

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