UFO Hunters Claim To Have Spotted A Crashed UFO On Mars


UFO hunters have spotted another Martian surface anomaly that adds to the series of bizarre claims about the Red Planet.

YouTube channel UFOvni2012 has put photographs released by NASA on a video to point out a dark shape on Mars.

While the shape looks remarkably like a rock, the YouTube channel speculated that it could be a crashed spacecraft from an alien civilization.

In the video description, the so-called anomaly is the Medusa Fossae formation, a large geological unit on the planet of uncertain origin.

European Space Agency described the formation as an extensive unit of mysterious origin, which is found close to the boundary between the Tharsis and Elysium centers of volcanic activity.

The YouTube video highlights parts of the UFO through drawing two lines. It shows the detailed shape of the UFO as if it was a spaceship.

According to the uploader, they discovered a crash site with the UFO, which measures around 190 meters wide.  The apparent object allegedly hit on Mars that impacted the surface at a low angle, and it ended half buried on the Red Planet’s soil.

Some UFO hunters suggested that the UFO tried to land as gently as it could because of the long and turned landing tracks left behind.

Some UFO enthusiasts speculated that the discovery is a base that opens the door. Others said that it could be a meteor that crashed.

There are also commenters who think that it is more likely to be a natural geological formation.

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  1. If some alien civilization should have the tech to travel through the universe, do you think they would crashland on Mars???? Come on,,, the planet is full of rocks, and that’s it.

  2. only true aliens and/or specified people would know the true answers to this, the here & why’s. how do i know?? well, lets just say that you can trust my judgement

  3. If this site is turning into Scott C Warings paranoia site I’m out of here. If. You really want to look at some crap like this visit UFO sightings daily.com. This guy sees squirrels and yes even Elvis has a statue there playing a guitar. Lmfao.

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