UK: Residents Experience Power Cut As Mysterious UFO Shoot Over Houses

Stunned witnesses have claimed a UFO hovered above a park before shooting over houses. Some Buckingham Park residents claimed they observed a mysterious circular object hovering before flying into the distance in the night sky. They further reported power interruptions following the strange event.

One Buckingham Park resident, who requested not to be named, said that they were lying in bed when a dazzling light lit up their room. It was a clear night, so they assumed it was just a bright star. Then the thing that they thought a star slowly rose up and shot over the top of their house with an aircraft like noise but a speed too fast to be an airplane.

Buckingham Park UFO

The concerned resident further reported that a sudden power interruption took place in his home. They said that as it passed over their house, the power dropped.

Approximately 45 minutes later, they heard the same sound and the power dropped for the second time briefly and came back.

They managed to take a photo of the UFO but did not have a chance to take a video since the UFO shot off suddenly.

Another resident claimed to have observed the same aerial thing. They were sitting watching television with blinds closed, but one of them was lit up as if someone was aiming a torch on it. They looked up and spotted a bright light that then shot across the top of the house. All the lights went down as the UFO passed over the house and came back on after the UFO shot off. They also said that the lights went down a few more times before they returned to normal.

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