Mothership UFO Appears To Send Out Secret Signals For An Approaching Smaller Craft


Some enthusiasts claim that a mothership UFO was caught on camera flashing signals to an approaching smaller aircraft. The footage was allegedly taken on the night of January 2, 2017, Monday. It apparently shows a strange shimmering UFO over the sea off the southeast coast of England’s Isle of Wight.

According to the UFO enthusiasts, the video is the latest evidence supporting claims from different parts of the world of unusual UFO activity involving mothership UFOs seemingly dropping smaller ones to Earth or getting them back on board.

These UFO enthusiasts further claim that multiple videos showing mothership UFOs with smaller aircraft or dropping smaller aircraft suggest that a secret alien invasion of Earth is in progress.
UFO hunters argue that a new video of the Isle of Wight in England depicts a mothership UFO giving off signals to retrieve a landing craft it unloaded earlier.

According to UFO enthusiasts, the so-called latest evidence video shows a shimmering mothership UFO floating over the sea, off the Shanklin coast on the Isle of Wight. The unidentified flying object in question is apparently flashing secret signals to a smaller craft that looks to appear a few seconds into the footage. The video also shows the smaller landing craft that seems to respond to the signals by flying toward the mothership and boarding it.

The 22-year-old James Ward took the footage with two video clips before 9 pm on Monday, January 2, 2017. The witness was in his car close to this home in Lake, on the English Isle of Wight. He was looking toward Shanklin beach when he saw the mothership UFO. According to the witness’ report, the giant UFO hovered in the dark sky while flashing signals in different colors. Moments later, a small UFO came with a bright white light flying towards the giant UFO. Ward took videos and pictures of the strange aerial activity with his phone.

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  1. WTF is it with the title, its not even remotely similar to the title thats given to it in the official youtube version….im starting to loose faith in you guys. its just a blasted star.

  2. So now an out of focus shot of Venus, where person couldn’t even keep his hand still, is a Mothersip? Coupled with the other light which is clearly a light in the room reflected on the window. Not sure who is the worst him or this site for posting the crap

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