Agency in the Chilean Government Confirmed the Authenticity Of A Disturbing UFO Video


An agency in the Chilean government confirmed the video from a Chilean Navy helicopter showing a UFO releasing something into the atmosphere.

Jose Patricio Lay Lagos, CEFAA acting director, said that the incident has been open since they cannot be certain of its nature, unlike the other events where nature has been proved. CEFAA is an agency within Chile’s DGAC, can be compared to the FAA, but part of the Chilean Air Force.

According to the official report Airbus Cougar AS-532, a helicopter from the Chilean Navy mounted with an infrared FLIR HD camera was patrolling between the port of San Antonio and Quinteros at 4:48 pm UTC on November 11, 2014. The camera operator noticed a UFO moving forward at a constant speed, the same to that of the helicopter.

The pilot and the camera operator visually confirmed the sighting, which reportedly lasted more than ten minutes.

The two officers questioned the Air Traffic Control, but their radar failed to detect the mysterious flying object. They also tried interrogating it in the frequency designed for these cases, but they received no response from the unknown traffic.

The radar control system of DGAC also failed to capture the object.

The CEFAA acting director confirmed the video that made the rounds online in the first week of January to be the real version.

Lay explained that their scientific group, composed of people with doctorates in diverse disciplines, from Physics to Astronomy, are all skeptics and would not jump to wild conclusions.

Lay said that the two officers did not make any statements about the incident. They just instead handed over the video and described the content of it as rather unusual.

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  1. This has already been debunked as being a regular jet showing contrails. The effect is different because it’s in infrared. Can’t remember where, but some guy with too much time extensively researched it, even named the actual plane they were filming with matching radar data. So not alien.

  2. Doesn’t look like a plane but anything could be blotted and spoofed. Looks good to me. Hey, has any debunkers been doing any type of chemical analysis on the ground? Or maybe could be a biological warfare? Probably just smoke from the dilithium chrystals. lol.

  3. @UFOCritic That’s no jet contrail. How can it be debunked when debunkers never have any facts, they just spread disiinfo, like yourself.

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