This day in UFO history: Mystery Remains On The Phoenix Lights Event

phoenix lights

One of the most famous UFO sightings took place on March 13, 1997 – exactly 20 years ago, which captured the attention of the world. The Phoenix Lights incident remains a mystery 17 years later as every year new witnesses come forward to share the story they kept secret for so long. One witness, who chose not to be named, said he saw the event around 8 in the evening while working on his roof air conditioner. The witness revealed that he only told his family about it until this year.

Evidence of the Phoenix Lights event is captured in four videos. Each one shows a slightly different angle of a series of lights blinking on for a few minutes before disappearing.

The U.S. military later issued a statement claiming responsibility of the Phoenix Lights. They said those lights were flares dropped above Barry M. Goldwater near Gila Blend, AZ as part of their training session.

However, many witnesses believe they saw something else. Sue Watson, one of the witnesses, said her family all watched a large black aircraft flying slow and low above Camelback Mountain going south.

She described the UFO as like a shopping mall flying over her home. Other witnesses of the craft described it as being over a mile wide.

Watson added that the UFO was beautiful to look at when it flew over. She saw lights in the front of the mysterious craft and completely illuminated underneath, which like a yellowish amber. She depicted the strange aerial thing as totally rounded boomerang shape.

A short film titled Prescott Witness features an animated version of the craft based on the witness descriptions. It shows new witnesses telling the story for the first time in January. The animated ship travels at moderate speed and blocks stars to those people below.

Unfortunately, no videos or photos have surfaced showing the giant UFO even after 17 years. Watson said that seeing the UFO made her like she did not want to stop watching it and could not tear her eyes away from it. When he decided to get her camera, the UFO passed their house and shot off to the south.

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