The Mystery Behind Cosmic Ceiling Of Senmut Tomb


There have been conspiracy theories suggesting that ancient Egyptian leaders were aliens and evidence has been presented, such as the tomb of Senmut and its astronomical signs. Conspiracy theorists believe that the ancient pyramid can ever be copied even with today’s technology. They pointed out the blocks that were too big and the seams between them that were sealed correctly without using cement.

The tomb of Senmut, the Queen Hatshepsut’s architect, is believed to represent a celestial sphere, zodiac signs, and other constellations through the tomb’s ceiling panel. It also represents the inverted orientation of the firmament’s southern part. It is also believed that Senmut supervised the erection of twin obelisks, including quarrying and transport. The structure was the tallest in the world that time.

Conspiracy theorists said that the Senmut ceiling’s characteristic features the astronomically false orientation of the South panel. Orion-Sirius group occupied the center of the panel. The Orion situates to the west of Sirius, instead of being to the East.

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