UFO Spotted Over A Traffic Jam in Mexico


Spotting something strange while in a gridlock is something one can never imagine to happen. Stuck in a traffic jam is a situation that would leave anyone with nothing to occupy other than the radio and some ordinary road-based surroundings.

The scene and situation are pretty much what Carlos Arriola had experienced. Arriola was in the city of Morelia, Mexico experiencing extended periods of gridlock when he spotted something that even the brightest minds would find it difficult to explain completely.

During a prolonged period of gridlock, Arriola happened to notice a mysterious flying object high in the sky. He recorded the incident in a video using his smartphone and uploaded it to YouTube afterward.

The clip shows a bizarre black sphere floating in the sky before changing direction and flying off out of the camera view.

Some commenters say that it could be a weather balloon, but it would be the case if a gust of wind took it away from view as weather balloon is unlikely to hold weight with that strange change of direction.

Mexico has its fair share of UFO sightings in the past, with speculations suggesting the region could be the favorite spot of test flights for highly classified advanced flying technology.

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  1. Are you freaking kidding me? This is an umbrella falling upside down! You can see all of it’s goddam features, it’s unarguably obvious.

    I’ve been use to more seriousness on this website.

    If you can’t make the difference between an UFO and an umbrella i highly suggest you to take some vacation and breathe some freash air while not watching UFO footage daily because your judgement capacity is close to 0 right now.

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