Daytime UFO caught on tape over Indian Shores, Florida 17-Jun-2017


This strange object was filmed flying in the sky above Indian Shores in Florida. This was filmed on 17th June 2017.

Witness report: Bright white sphere appears in self photos, it is in various positions on pics.

I was in Indian Shores, Florida taking pics of myself w/ ocean behind me, it was daytime. I did not see object at that time, only when I saw pics
later at home after uploading to pc. The object was very bright white
round sphere. I was standing in same spot mostly, but the object in the pics
seems to have moved a number of times. It shows up on my right side, my left, and high over my head. I use the Sun as the reference point.

When I zoom in on pic, the light shows a little red and green on opposite
sides. So that makes me think its not a planet. And not a star, cause they
don’t move like that. Anyway, there are other anomalies around the sun, that
could be a photo mess up, I can’t tell exactly why those colors are there.
But the video explains what may have caused it, maybe a photo expert can tell what it is or isn’t. I’m sending this just for the record. The white sphere is the reason I’m sending this. Thankx

Author (source: MUFON)

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