Triangle-shaped UFO filmed over Israel, 2017


There isn’t much details about this video. I found it on Youtube today and all I know is that this triangle UFO was recorded over Israel recently.

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  1. The video wouldn’t play for me, but based on the picture, it looks like Aliens(or the humans hoarding the high tech from the people) are using ORB UFO’s to play a huge game of fidget spinner.
    I just want the them to let out the never-age pill or life extension treatments so we don’t have to keep seeing our people dying.

  2. The only tribe that has the authority to issue the money made good by American Labor, tiny Israel.

    Our money used to mine our planet with tens of thousands of thermonuclear blast weapons.

    Will American Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and give us a better deal than a right less state eternally fighting sports war while simultaneously being poisoned out by their genocidal brimstone electricity nuclear waste?

    Are we understanding that our extraterrestrial family is “MARKING” for us to see what the atomic bombers and nuclear poisoners are doing?

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