The Government Cover Up Case: UFO Disabled 10 US Nukes in Silos

Fifty years of fabricated alien sightings faked cover-ups, and false alien abductions have discredited the aliens in the individuals’ mind, to the extent that when the real ones appear, may be neglected. In fact, the brainwashing activity of the masses was so successful that if an actual alien spacecraft were to come forward, and then hover directly on top of the skies, they would succeed in explaining it as a secret experiment or any other usual objects.

In past times, people were burned at stake for merely believing in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Today, there seems to be less burning at stake, but other than that, nothing has significantly changed. Then, as now, extraterrestrial intelligence remains an obstacle for war-minded humans. It is normal for the US government to take measures in protecting its military activities from all harm.

David D Schindele

A former US Air Force captain revealed an extraordinary alien incident allegedly involving the destruction of the nuclear weapons. Captain David D Schindele used to be a Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile launch crew commander working in the Minot Air Force Base missile field situated in North Dakota. The incident took place in December 1996 when he was at the launch control facility. He claims that extraterrestrials destroyed ten nuclear missiles, making them useless in the facility. He was in charge of the nuclear weapons. Days after the incident, it was reported that UFOs are seen in the area. Unfortunately, air force officials ordered him to mum about the incident, and beg to erase the incident from his memory.

He admitted that many of his colleagues experienced unearthly incidents at the Minuteman facilities, but they were all instructed to keep silent. He then decided to write a book after hearing similar incident encountered by another missileer. The rationale behind his exposure is the idea that there can be no moral, ethical, or crucial reason to keep the happening a secret from humankind.

His book is available at, and the proceeds will go to the Seattle Chapter of the Air Force Association.

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  1. Well, of course, it was covered up if true! What would be the point in causing panic or despair to some people if they thought we had no means of protecting ourselves from aliens?

    • His uniform is also incorrect for the period. He’s pictured in “Fuels Whites” typically worn by Missileers in the early to mid-1960s. They were phased out of MM in the late 1960s.

  2. Can we only wonder when the people will mature to the level to accept the truth that our industrial strength investment grade nuclear war fighting investors merely consider us “wood” to be used and abused and burned in their fireplace?

    Over 23 million of them have already fled to the safety of their underground shelters to finish poisoning us out with their second choice to exterminate us, brimstone nuclear waste.

    Might we not want to take some good advice from our elders and “Get Smart?”

    “We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!”

    That is some advice from elders as to how to get our nuclear war fighting crowd off of us. Will Labor not help us?

    “They’ve poisoned my village, I want them off.”

    Will Labor not listen to our good God Almighty and let them off right?


    Will Labor not do us all a favor and take the concession to issue our money away from them? Thank you.

  3. Michael Lewendon,
    Here are some pictures I have made up, of the area and the exact place(field) where we first saw the spacecraft.The size is not exaggerated.The spaceship had small thunderous clouds racing through it, making the rainbow coloured windows which ran through its middle .look like it was spinning?   Would appreciate any media awareness which might force the authorities to investigate a UFO sighting dated 11th September 2004. 
    My wife and I were travelling back to our Tilehurst home at approximately 6.45 am. We witnessed a spaceship of huge proportion, which we watched for 8 or so minutes, there was no other reports, although the area was well adapted with security cameras, and many more detector type instruments. This all happened 100 yards away from one of this Country’s most important establishments AWRE Burghfield, Reading RG30 3RR 
    What we saw changes the world overnig ht, what we saw has huge consequences regarding time travel, what we saw cant be believed due to its size, and its closeness to a nuclear establishment covered in cameras, no other persons came forward, to this day. 
    I have reported the sighting to every one I thought might have the authority to investigate the archives for that day, asking them to look at all the instrument readings, that will show distortions of kind, gravitational waves, gamma rays, radar, etc. 
    Have sent emails to people in high places, without even a reply? 
    Can understand why because anyone would not want to compromise there job requesting an investigation looking for a craft the size of Wembley Stadium, we watched for over eight minutes. 
     Head of MI5, MI6, David Cameron, The Lords of parliament, Teresa May, Michael Fallon, every newspaper in this country, BBC, ITV C4, and more, many more, all of them no reply, WHY?
    The archives of that morning when investigated will show all we saw to be true. 
    How do I get an investigation into this, this belongs to our future, this belongs to our children’s children, all I ask is for an investigation to the most important thing that’s happened on this planet since dot. 
    I don’t know why we were allowed to see the craft? I don’t understand what it was doing here? I cant understand why no other persons saw it, even though we watched it over main M4 where other traffic were to be seen? The archives of that day need to be investigated, I need help in trying to get the authorities to look into all this? any help, anyhow, anyone, any type of media coverage, good or bad, anything that might kick start this investigation. 
    Have emailed the ARMY, The Royal Air force, Prince Phillip, Her Majesty, 13 years and nothing, no one, not even a reply, 
    Michael lewendon

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