Humanoid Alien Valiant Thor Helped Humanity


The exploits of a being named as Valiant Thor has been recently uncovered in top secret documents. Valiant Thor claimed that he was from a portal world in Venus. He further stated that he helped the US Armed Forces throughout the Cold War in procuring advanced extraterrestrial technology in Area 51. Thor appeared to have made frequent appearances in many American military bases and was called as The Stranger at the Pentagon.

According to conspiracy theorists, he seemed to be a Nordic alien in a Caucasian human figure. He reportedly looked like an ordinary person, but both of his hands have six fingers. Thor claimed he scored 1200 when measuring his intelligence using the old Stanford-Binet scale. His internal organs were allegedly different from humans. He was reportedly 500 years old when he left the Earth.


Several reports noted the friendship between Valiant Thor and Former American President Dwight Eisenhower. They apparently discussed matters in technology and geopolitics frequently. He allegedly left the Earth in 1959 and refused to take part in any human activities since then.

Thor’s actions and exploits are featured in a book Stranger at the Pentagon, by Dr Frank E Stranges, published in 1967 (Amazon link).

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