Verified Genuine Video Shows A Real Flying Saucer Taking Off


A video showing a flying saucer taking off from the ground is said to be a verified genuine one. It was reportedly a former top-secret US military video recorded during the Cold War. The design of the craft is undoubtedly similar to the famous saucer-shaped UFOs reported all over the world.

The video shows the UFO-style craft hovering above the ground. The aircraft was allegedly built during a top-secret US military project known the Avrocar.

The scientists who were responsible for making the UFO a reality believed it would be the next great military flying machine at that time.

A large central fan powered the flying disc, which believed to be a great alternative to a helicopter.

The newly released video shows what appear to be test flights of the secret craft at an unnamed base. The makers of the aircraft had hoped it would reach speeds of around 300 mph at a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet and a range of 995 miles.

In the 1940s and 1950s, a lot of people reported seeing flying saucers across the US, and many have believed that the testing of such experimental aircraft was the reason.

The US allocated millions of dollar for the Avrocar project, but the finances for the flying saucer eventually diminished in June 1961, and the doomed project was eventually ditched.

Makers of the Avrocar found that it could only hover around a foot off the ground, highly volatile when travelling at high speeds and too loud to be a combat vehicle, the reasons the doomed project was ditched.

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  1. This flying saucer, as you call it. Was a total flop. It never got out of hover mode. And flew squirrely at best.

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