UFO caught on tape over Saddle Brook, New Jersey 28-Sep-2017

ufo Saddle Brook

This bright unidentified flying object was recorded over Saddle Brook, New Jersey on 28th September 2017.

Witness report: Bright light hovering near the moon, unblinking, stationary, then moved up until it disappeared. I was driving home when I noticed a stationary light in the sky. It was pretty bright, and unblinking. I wasn’t sure if it was a ufo but I decided to get it on camera anyway, because there was a dark object about 15 minutes earlier that could have been a lone cloud, maybe? But the clouds have been weird the past couple of days and I thought maybe it was a weird weather phenomenon, and I remembered seeing a random rainbow in the clouds yesterday that eventually disappeared…anyway, my suspicions about ufo activity was high so I decided to video this light. I had a hard time keeping my phone still (since I was driving and I know, I’m a bad girl), I tried zooming in and zooming out, showing its size relative to the moon, and all of a sudden I noticed it changed position in the sky and I watched (intermittenly) as it rose above the moon before disappearing entirely.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Thanks for the great and so hard to recording video.
    I totally agree with you.

    Humans tend to deny whatever so precious videos.
    Instead they do know simply nothing.
    They have simply spoken forgotten their true root.
    Nowadays they are longing for ‘truth’, hopefully shown by their governments.
    But they see themselves as cheated.
    Governments, former elected as the ‘representatives’ of the peoples mind,
    look at them now.
    As liars they can be easily recognized, but at same time the living people stand by their side (conducted by constantly influence through media and their devices) so, as the outcome,
    people are unsafe, feel unsafe, are in fear, are simply gone back in their own evolution, have no power to invent into violation, instead running back behind a wall, so weak they are, so fearful – and so WEAK living beinges,

    Cosmos itself, the Universe, is totally different constructed.
    But YOU – obviously – have NO any Idea of it, even when it is your OWN home.
    Cosmos is totally independent of so primitive ‘ideas’ of Earth living humans.
    At least you could ask some questions, but you do NOT.
    So – in summary – you won’t get any answer from ‘above’.
    Because you are so much ‘intelligent’ even when not knowing the simple basics.
    Okay then, you so intelligent writers, thinkers,
    THINK about your position, the Earth grounded catastrophes, the ongoing and growing storms and earthquakes, as it were ‘SIGNS’ which YOU – as underdeveloped and simple minds, simply IGNORE.
    WHY you do this, I really do not know, except your lousy and ego minded greed for money and for anything else.
    YOU – unimportant your so cheap and poor ‘belief’ – you have no any idea of the whole – MANY of the extraterrestrial people do just look at you – in empathy.
    You have not grasped even the most simple rules,
    are unable to even be in the most primary feelings because you have lost them, too.

    SO then, HOW can you feel so STRONG to talk about topics which YOU HAVE NO TINY IDEA OFF????

    Is it in your tiny (big) ego grounded, or have you even forgotten this and simply ‘exchanged’ by a so strange ‘meaning’, a ‘viewpoint’ which was been dictated to you – as you KNOW and ‘accepting’ by no asking back YOUR questions – instead telling your own- and overhasty comments, too fast, with NO thinking about.
    That’s the reason WHY you never would receive ‘answers’ – including real replies from ‘universe’.
    However you try to imagine it, you are always wrong.
    You simply have forgotten your former ‘connections’ – even when they were in you hearts grounded, you have obviously forgotten them at all.
    You ask for a ‘solution’, even the ‘ultimate solution’?
    Yeah, even he ‘higher realms’ do see it very different, a realm which you have so no any idea of, they are WITH you at any time at any place.!
    WHAT do YOU claim to have ‘knowledge’ from????
    IS there at least something which you have knowledge about?
    And IF NOT, as YOU ALL show it, then there must be a thinking about all that. It is connected with YOU, even YOU the reader, the writer, don’t be stupid, instead be open to ASK, search for ANSWERS, and probably you will get the answers!
    Yes, this report was right from my mind, from my heart, but be sure:
    I DO know of what I write about, reminded the countless contacts, the sightings, the encounters and even the personal meetings with beings, which would simply overstress your so far ‘simple’ minds.

    I’ll appreciate any of your possible answers, but please don’t bomb me with stupid statements, instead be strong in any of your statements, grounded in knowledge.

    So far I look forward to hear from you soon……………

    BUT – as reality is constructed – I will NEVER get back any reply form YOU, as proven in the so sad history of humankind……..you’ll not make the difference…..

    • Yes, unimportant visitor, whatever you tell………
      There is NO any interest from knowing souls to receive your cheap bullshit.

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