Flaming Balls Seen Flying Across The Night Sky Above Utah


UFO enthusiasts went frenzy over the weekend after the appearance of strange lights in the night sky over Salt Lake City, Utah.

Some witnesses thought that they spotted a UFO after three white lights darted in the sky, moved at around the same speed, and changed direction.

One of the witnesses caught a video of the mysterious lights. Tommae Billings said they saw these amazing lights while driving up 700 East.

In the video, the car’s passengers appear to be shocked after seeing the lights. One of the witnesses can be heard saying the lights keep on changing and another asking what these strange things were.

Another video was uploaded to Twitter showing lights moving across the sky. Gerardo Rios said that it was scary not knowing the identity of the flaming balls. He stopped recording the video and ran back to his home.

One commenter said that they were just skydivers with lights shining into their shoots, but the strange lights in the video were not just moving down towards the ground.

Another commenter named Mike said that he lives in North Ogden and he has seen the three lights changing formation very slowly. He added that he has not only seen them once but multiple times.

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