Alien Space Vehicle Apparently Crash Lands In UFO Sighting Hotspot After Residents Notice Mysterious Light

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A mysterious craft has gotten alien hunters into a frenzy after it reportedly went down in a UFO sighting hotspot.

A bright light allegedly appeared in Peruibe, south Brazil, earlier in October and residents apparently saw vegetation smashed to the ground.

The local officials, according to the report, condoned off immediately the strange mark on the ground, which measured 13 by 2 meters.

What makes the story interesting is that it took a week before Brazilian media reported the incident, fueling claims of a cover-up.

Saga Susseliton Souza, a UFO investigator, said they noticed that it was not human-made after looking at it in the last few days. They believed it was a UFO that landed and caused the vegetation to crumble.

It was reported that a power cut in the area occurred at the time of sighting and residents claimed to have experience nausea and malaise.

The city is considered a UFO hotspot with 79 sightings reported since 1998.

Just last week, apparent alien pyramids were found under the sea. The UFO hunter claimed that they are 6.6km south of New Providence Island in the Bahamas. The structures are estimated to be 100 m wide and 60 m high. The pyramids, according to the UFO hunter, are evidence that nearby island was once inhabited by Aztec like people or ancient Mayans.

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