BREAKING NEWS: Oklahoma City Thunder Plane Hit By A UFO


A lot of people contacted me in the last hours about this strange event that happened at Delta flight 8935.

This happened to NBA team Oklahome City Thunder, after a game on Friday night. After the game in Minneapolis they flew to Chicago and their plane was hit by an unidentified flying object at 30.000 feet (9.1km) in the air.

Their plane landed in Chicago and no one was hurt. NBA players posted photos of a damaged plane on social networks:


Here’s the official statement from a Delta Airlines:

“Delta flight 8935, operating from Minneapolis to Chicago-Midway as a charter flight for the Oklahoma City Thunder, likely encountered a bird while on descent into Chicago. The aircraft, a Boeing 757-200, landed safely without incident; customers have since deplaned and maintenance teams are evaluating. Safety is Delta’s top priority.”

I guess there are some realy big birds flying at 30k!

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    • I agree; probably fall out from all the space garbage as in comparrison the fine UFO crafts- well this jet wouldn’t have survived.

  1. It may have been a bird. Although the weight of a bird is almost insignificant to that of an airplane, bird attacks cause a lot of damage.

  2. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I recall another incident within the last 5 years where a commercial jetliner had very similar nose cone damage. The, too, happened at high altitude. I can’t recall the exact date or the airline, but a google search should find it. They also wrote it off as a bird strike. The problems with these explanations are the very high altitudes — 30,000 feet — where no bird could possibly fly. And in the latest case there is the fact that it happened after midnight. Some birds do migrate at night to avoid predators, but they tend to be small, so it’s hard to come up any that would be large enough to do this degree of damage. There is also the fact that there is no blood on the noise cone or any other physical remains. I’ve seen photos of bird strikes that involve geese and there is usually a great of blood left on the skin of the aircraft. And, most intriguing is the almost perfect round impact site. One would image a bird strike to be more irregular. It seems much more likely that the plane struck something spherical.

    • Start reading about birds. Geese have been observed at over 32 00 feet and the highest altitude where a plane has collided with a bird, is at 37 000 feet. That happened in 1973 over Africa. When you read about birds, you will also find that geese migrate at these altitudes AT NIGHT ! It’s amazing what one can find if one makes an effort.

  3. Well, it was probably the planet Venus, swamp gas, or a weather balloon. They did find a reindeer that had been hit by something big, on the ground below where this happened maybe one of Santa’s helpers was flying around checking out the magic dust…
    In reality, wtf flies at 30,000 feet? There’s not enough oxygen to breathe up there plus it’s pretty cold.

  4. OK, Busted
    I looked up birds that can fly that high and found four, Rüppell’s vulture, Common crane, Bar-headed goose, and a Whooper swan and more an Alpine chough can fly at 26,500ft, a Whooper swan at 27,000ft, a Bearded vulture at 24,000ft So I guess birds can get up that high and since that is a fact, well, it’s probably one of these birds.

    • this is a very credible possibility and quite an intelligent answer. but i think a small meteor that size of the indentation would have destroyed the plane and sent it crashing.

  5. A bird could not have done that damage. Planes chew up birds, not the other way around. It’s time that pilots, the airline companies and our government take such encounters more seriously.

  6. There is not enough oxygen to keep a bird alive at 30k ft. It is also too cold, a bird will freeze to death up there.
    A drone is possible, especially a government owned long distance spy drone.
    But it very easily be a small piece of meteor.

  7. I’m so sick of all these lame excuses for the truth. We all have some idea that we are not alone. When will the powers that be realize we the people want Disclosure!!!

  8. A bird at 30000 feet? Not likely. The size of the object is quite big. It has hit the peripharal part of the craft than the the interior.

  9. We were made to believed that there is no UFO as such it could be some form of ice ball in rain forming cloud or something else.

  10. I’m sick of ufo’s thinking they have the right of way! Jerks!! bad fu#*%^@!drivers and its not because they are green or grey! so don’t turn this into a race thing

    • yeah and the fact that aliens can fly drunk w/o even getting pulled over… or would it be tractor beamed? momma says life is like a flux capacitor cuz vickie vallencourt is the devil!!!

  11. cmon! a bird or drone would have been OBLITERATED by the plane’s speed! be realistic people! you come to this site to see ufo things and when you are looking at evidence in the face you deny it!!

  12. S.D.son is right. This is typical bird strike damage. The nose cones (or more properly radomes) of aircraft can be quite soft, or even made of fiberglass (better for radar). Greylag geese fly at these altitudes and even higher. Most bird strikes on the nose of an aircraft doesn’t produce blood and even if it did, could be blown off very quickly. Some birds even survive, albeit dazed. Engine ingestion? That’s a different story. This, according to the NTSB. But damn it, this is a UFO site! Therefore, no other explanation is possible…it’s GOT TO BE a UFO! Whatever happened to Occam’s Razor, Sherlock Holmes or common sense? Bird strike: passengers survive. UFO strike: passengers dead and aircraft destroyed!

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