Possible triangle UFO sighting over Nicosia, Cyprus 2-Jan-2018


Here’s one new footage of a possible triangle UFO sighting over Nicosia in Cyprus.

Witness report: I, my father and my two children ( 7 and 3 years old), at 2nd of january 2018 around 19:30, in Nicosia in Cyprus observed 3 or 4 red lights in a form of triangle stay in the sky, moving up and down , above and under the clouds, flushing, going left and right and app. In 5 minutes dissapeared. 
It happen on the parking place close to the kids carousel park in Nicosia, all of us saw same things.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Intruiging video. Too bad it’s so short. Could be a drone as we have idea how close the object was to the videographer. If it was far out there, the movement we see belays amazing speed. If it was 500 feet away then it’s a drone.

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