Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2018

Most remarkable UFO sightings in March 2018 by

2nd March 2018; UFOn – passing the Moon

3rd March 2018; triangle-shaped formation – Colorado Springs

12th March 2018; lights in the sky – Las Vegas, Nevada

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  1. I have become a firm believer after watching MUFON, ALIENS, and other shows on TV–the most convincing show was on the Presidents who have seen them–such as Reagan and Carter etc–also the fact that Ike made this all top secret says something is going on –or why worry and have the secrecy?

  2. With the increasing frequency of sightings & also their blatant displays , l am very firmly of the belief that if the governments of the world don’t admit to contact with extra terrestrials, the et’s themselves will make an extremely public display , possibly followed by a landing & contact with the common man , so get ready to bleive people because it IS going to happen , sooner then you think !!

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