UFO Caught On Live Cam Raises Speculations That Extraterrestrials Will Reveal Themselves Soon


Online UFO community has come into frenzy anew after an alien life allegedly spotted heading into the atmosphere of the Earth.

Space researcher Graham revealed that extraterrestrials would reveal themselves soon as he discovered proof suggesting that such thing will happen soon.

Speaking on the video clip that allegedly shows seven UFOs, he said that sightings across the globe are increasing significantly. He added that aliens have been watching and observing Earth and human race like a giant planet-sized scale lab experiment. He noted though that the alien visitors are not hostile.

He explained that these space aliens are very advanced considering they managed to travel vast distances and that they could wipe humanity without any problem.

And the fact humans still exist on Earth, these aliens are either here to help or observe, according to Graham. However, Graham cautioned that humans could soon come face-to-face with aliens. He said that world leaders and the ET’s agreed on the timescale for disclosure, which could happen within the next 15 years.

He explained that the disclosure would have a significant impact as a way of life, medicines, and technology can change unity and peace.

He said that calling those aliens as watchers or observers are correct. He further stressed that there might be other hostile races that have been protecting the Earth and its inhabitants, which is very reassuring.

Graham found the proof during a live feed from the ISS on March 31. He then uploaded it to his YouTube channel Conspiracy Depot.

He claimed to have spotted several UFOs between 11.20 and 11.50 pm.

However, many others believe there may be a more reasonable explanation.

The sightings took place at around the same time China’s satellite Tiangong-1 was dropping sharply towards the Earth.

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  1. Why say these objects were airplanes with out written proof there was airplanes in that sky when the video was taken. When all we have are lights in the sky there is really no way to get any information from the video.

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