UFO Hurtling Through The Sky Caught On Camera


The internet has shown many weird and strange videos in our time, but this one might be one of those rarest clips.

A Facebook page of a group known as Ufo Türkiye uploaded a video that caught the attention of netizens, which has now a total of over 17,000 views and around 300,00 shares.

The video apparently shows an unidentified flying object in the sky above Turkey. A dark shape can be seen in the video, which undoubtedly looks like a UFO. It can also be observed in the footage that the strange aerial object hovers for a few seconds and then flies off in the flash of light.

The controversial video comes just a few weeks after a plane passenger on a commercial flight to Athens, Greece claimed he caught a UFO moving alongside the aircraft.

Kerry Forides filmed the UFO from his seat while travelling above the Aegean Sea on the 28th of March.

Forides then posted the video on his Facebook page and YouTube.

The description of the video says that the UFO appears to be moving away at right angles from the commercial jet where Forides was onboard, and they end up almost following the strange object without either of them appearing to turn.

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