Areas in the US Where You’ll Most Likely See A UFO


One of the most bizarre reported UFO sightings took place in North Carolina, which has had 7,570 reported sightings of unidentified flying objects since 1940. So odd that some of the UFO sightings inspire conspiracy theories of secret military experiments that have been going on in the state.

But what could be the chances to spot a UFO right now in either of Carolinas?

Statisticians at had finally figured that out. They divided the reported sightings in each year throughout the past 78 years into the overall population.

It turns out that North Carolina has had a 1 in 135,000 chance of seeing a UFO after stepping out the door. Meanwhile, South Carolina faces a 1 in 117,300 chance with its 4,285 sightings, according to

When it comes to the number of actual UFO reports, North Carolina is one of the top 10 states with several reports recently in Lake Norman area and Charlotte, says National UFO Reporting Center in Davenport, Wash.

However, the calculations done by are not based on the number of actual UFO reports as they are based on the population of the state. The smaller the community, the higher the odds.

One of the examples of calculations is California, which has had 23,419 reported sightings, but with its vast population, people have a 1 in 168,700 chance of seeing a UFO in the state.

For the complete list of the state-by-state odds, you may visit

Among the 50 states in the list, North Carolina was ranked at 16 and South Carolina at 21.

People are most likely to see a UFO in Wyoming, Vermont, Montana, North Dakota, and Alaska.

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