German Television Station Program Shows a Mysterious UFO


Conspiracy theory YouTube channel ‘mavi777’ seemingly shows an unidentified flying object (UFO) in a German TV station program. Soon after the video was uploaded, it became the hottest debating point among alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists. The incident took place over a month back, revealed the YouTube channel.

The clip shows a UFO in the backdrop of a TV studio. The strange object emanates light at times. It seems to appear and vanish rhythmically, which rules out a meteor.

The UFO sighting video soon went viral, and multiple conspiracy theorists began suggesting that this event captured on camera is authentic evidence of space alien existence. These theorists also criticized the government for staying mum about the incident. They believe governments are aware of these extraterrestrial visitors, but they are covering up the facts to prevent public panic.

A few days back, another UFO sighting was recorded on video during a weather program Skywatch7. WKBW-TV, an ABC affiliated TV station, released the strange sighting showing a blinking UFO in the skies during the live show.

The show’s newscaster was also seen pointing her fingers at the object. She then suggested that it could be a drone. However, conspiracy theorists said that a human-made drone could not travel at such astonishing speed across the skies.

Some conspiracy theorists think that Nibiru’s approach towards Earth causes the increasing number of anomalies in the skies. According to these theorists, Nibiru is a killer planet and now in its collision course with the Earth, and when this happens, devastating catastrophes will destroy the entire world.

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  1. Yes, it could be Mars. We can see Mars often in the early evening during the summer in Germany. Just about at this height.

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