Daytime UFO caught on tape over Pontyclun, UK


Here’s one new video of a bright unidentified flying object making maneuvers over UK. This was filmed on 9th July 2018.

Witness report: reflective object gliding over my house before sunset, went outside for second video and the object reversed
I had started seeing objects in the sky at the end of June (June 29th) when me and my two sons (3 and 5) were travelling across the country to see a friend. On the way there we stopped at a service station and my oldest son pointed out a bright ‘ball’ in the sky. He said “theres a ball in the sky and its so big and low , what is it?” this ball, i was convinced, followed us all the way there and followed us back the next day. I had a very very uneasy feeling when we got to the location, and as soon as i returned home i was consumed with terror almost, although i didnt really know why. It was around 2am on the 30th June, id just put the children in bed, and i felt like i was being observed. I got my phone, and i went to look out of the windows into the garden, and could see nothing at first, but then i saw the ball of light hovering by the trees. I took a photo, looked back, and realised it had not only captured the sphere of light but it also captured another one which was a lot closer to me, in the garden (in the photo they came out looking like a donut shape but to the naked eye it was a sphere shape).

Two days later, my son (who had initially seen the ‘ball’ reported hearing a cracking noise in the night and it woke him up, and he saw a set of large eyes in his room. I told him it was definitely the cat and he had nothing to worry about, although i knew that id shut the cats out for the night. He said it scared him at first, but then he went back to sleep. Which is very odd for him, because if he wakes up in the night he ALWAYS comes into my bed.

A week later, It was 30 minutes before sunset and myself and my partner were getting ready for bed in our upstairs bedroom where there is a large window. I saw a glint in the sky and so i went to the window and i could see a small light reflecting object (silver/metallic) moving steadily in the direction of my house. I desperately lunged for my phone and put the camera on, and once id located the object again (now a bit closer) i started filming. On the film the object appeared to be a ball of light but to the naked eye it was metallic, so after a minute of filming i ran downstairs and out onto my front drive to take a better bit of film. By that point the object had cleared my house and was floating away. There was no sound whatsoever, and i could tell the object was relatively small because it was clearly very low above the roof of my house. The object suddenly changed direction- it looked like it was reversing back a bit, but then continued on its path. It did this again (all captured on the second video), i had to move the phone with the movement of the object.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. Looks like a plane seen not too long before sunset, or not long after sunrise. It is travelling at constant speed an is the right shape (from that distance and without a high-zoom camera)

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