Massive Alien Spaceship Reportedly Spotted Above The Philippines


An apparent massive UFO was spotted hovering around the clouds in the skies over the Philippines. A sector of UFO conspiracy theorists posted online an alleged alien spaceship that was seemingly camouflaging itself in the clouds.

The photo shows faint clouds with a scattered rainbow light through the atmosphere.

Conspiracy theorists are pointing to a massive, circular translucent object in the clouds, which they think a UFO using a cloaking device.

They said the image was taken in General Santos, Philippines. The sector described the image as an awesome UFO hiding over a cloud during sunset. The UFO was reportedly visible to the naked eye for a few minutes.

They point out the beautiful colors and notice the round disk edge of the craft, which is estimated to be at least 500 meters across.

The unnamed videographer, who took the image and passed it to UFO hunters, said that the colors were much more intense.

However, creator of the UFO Investigations Handbook Nigel Watson said that the light was a trick of the eye. He explained that the fantastic video of sunset gave a halo impact that looked like a flying saucer. It could be attributed to apophenia wherein the brain recognizes specific patterns in things.

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  1. i have seen up close a ufo nearly directly overhead in southern il usa, triangular shaped with round corners, silent, very low at about tree top level, different colors of red lights shined down on the grass in the yard, I believe there was yellow and green as well. very small windows were present on the sides, maybe 30 or more per side. it hovered silently for a few short minutes and slowly took off towards the north, white lights were at the rear of the flying machine and pretty soon it picked up speed and was quickly gone..all without making a sound, it just blows my mind. this thing was big at least 75 ft long sides. this was in 2005

  2. good gawd. do you know how the atmospheres of the planet work? they are all very natural. instead of claiming a ufo every time you see atmospheric conditions like this, read up on earth’s natural wonders first.

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