Google Earth Showing A Bizarre Object Sparks Crashed UFO Conspiracy Theory

Alien craft has reportedly crash-landed into the ocean, according to wild claims online. A bizarre clip captured on Google Earth apparently proves the existence of real alien spacecraft.

The discovery was reportedly in the Aegean Sea, just off the coast of Greece. Some people are baffled at the UFO discovery.

Using the online mapping service, a round shape emerges below the water when zoomed in on the coordinates.

The anomaly bears a resemblance to a flying saucer upon closer inspection. The UFO is estimated to measure over 220 feet in width.


The clip was uploaded to YouTube under a channel called The Hidden Underbelly.

Viewers were fast to add their opinions about what the strange phenomenon is all about.

One viewer claimed that it could be an unidentified submerged object (USO). The viewer added that they love to hear the official excuse for this one.

Another viewer said that the object in the clip does not belong there.

One viewer stated that the object is weird having a rough and deep look around the top of it. They added that nothing in the surrounding looks remotely like it.

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