Roseburg, Oregon UFO sighting 23-Nov-2018


Unidentified flying object was caught on tape over US state Oregon yesterday (22nd November 2018).

Witness report: I seen a Orb shaped thing in the air right before sunrise seen small objects next to it.

Ok so I was on my way back from my work lunch grabbing some McDonalds and seen a bright orb shape in the sky luckily I was almost to the place I park. I got out and started to records the situation. I noticed that there were not any other stars able to be seen but I did see some smaller objects flying around the area kind of looked like a mothership of some sorts. My camera on my phone really sucks but I ended up recording as much as I could before it disappeared in the clouds. Tried to see it on the other end but unable to. It was def strange due to the fact of never noticing something like this.

I have heard some good things looking forward to seeing if any experts can edit the video to see a bit more or know the reason this occurred. I know bringing this stuff to your guy’s awareness helps research.

Author (source: MUFON)

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  1. that’s Venus, dude. it’s the morning star. please learn where the earth is in the universe at any given time of the year, and you will learn and know what you’re seeing.

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