Mysterious Illuminating Object Baffles NASA Mission Control

NASA Mission Control was left out of sensible words after a mysterious object flew past the International Space Station (ISS), according to conspiracy theorists.

On September 8 2000, NASA launched the STS-106 spacecraft from Kennedy Space Centre to fly Space Shuttle Atlantis to the ISS. The activity is in preparation to permanently man the low-orbit satellite.

However, two bright objects were seen flying across the screen during the Atlantis pass-by over Chicago, Illinois, which fuelled wild conspiracy theories after it appeared to startle the flight controller back at Mission Control in Houston.

The bizarre event left Jeff Challender, and some other conspiracy theorists convinced NASA had just caught something they shouldn’t have.

Mr Challender revealed that two strange objects were spotted flying below just as the shuttle was passing over Chicago.

He said that the first object seemed smaller and further away but the second one was very bright and flew at speed. Mission Control tried to follow its progress and zoom in until it was out of sight. According to Mr Challender, the Mission Control perhaps realised that the video goes out to the public.

Mr Challender believes the anomalies are not ice crystals sparkling in the sun as the announcer says the sun will rise in a few minutes. He thinks the objects were self-luminous as the sun has not even risen yet.

Mr Challender also revealed he spotted four more unusual objects appearing to fly in formation during the same mission.

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