Peruvian Corporation of Airports and Commercial Aviation Issues an Official Report On UFOs Spotted Over Lima International Airport

Two UFOs were spotted moving over Jorge Chavez International Airport at 6:30 am UTC on February 27, 2019. The sighting quickly reached to Peruvian media. According to the airport’s control tower, the mysterious objects stayed for nearly an hour above the Lima sky. The incident prompted delays to several flights.

Peruvian Corporation of Airports & Commercial Aviation (Corpac) staff saw the UFOs above the airport and photographed as well as videotaped them. Corpac eventually issued an official report, the first time it provided a detailed description of unidentified flying objects over international airport.

According to the report, the UFOs were positioned on runway 33.

One of the UFOs appeared on the radar for a few moments, but both vanished from the view of the airport staff moments later.

Official report of Corpac was made available online, which was signed by technician Jose Zarabia Salas.

UFO sightings over airports are not something new. Such sightings over airports were reported in different parts of the world. History Channel even featured a documentary on UFO sightings above airports.

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