UFO Researcher Says Space Force Running Secretly Since The 1960s


A wry smile was what Dr Steven Greer gave when told he was being interviewed on World UFO Day on July 2.

From his home in Virginia, Greer said that two things are going on. One is the silly seasons of the UFO subject, and the other one are the critical operations that are going on. He said that the silly stuff gets more attention because it is silly.

Greer revealed that he had been involved in providing information on UFOs to at least two presidents of the United States since 1993.

He had an insider’s perspective when President Trump announced in June that he planned to make a Space Force that would be a new military branch.

Greer said that Trump is somewhat calling for acknowledging something that has existed in black project, an unacknowledged special access project, that has been operational since the mid to late ‘60s.

Greer continued that he knows someone who is a Pentagon’s very top secret technology management office whistleblower. This man, Greer said, has acknowledged to him that they have operating systems on satellites in space that can track, target, and destroy any object in space. The whistleblower further told that these systems have been fully operational for many years.

Efforts of Greer to gain disclosure on secretive government topic can be explored on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon.

Greer does not fault President Trump for not knowing on secretive projects conducted for over 50 years, saying that the White House is a bubble in which disinformation is funnelled.

Greer said that the unacknowledged extra access projects are run in a way that leaders in Congress and the presidency rarely have full access. Greer believes this is something that needs correcting as soon as possible.

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  1. “Efforts of Greer to gain disclosure on secretive government topic can be explored on YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon.”
    Is there anything else to say ?

    Meanwhile all the serious peoples and websites are gone or known only by a few.

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