Greenish-Yellow Pulsating Light UFOs Keep Pace With A Korean Airliner

The passengers onboard of a Korean airliner were left baffled after seeing a UFO flying beside them. Lucas Kim managed to snap pictures of the strange aerial event as it split into six separate objects leaving travelers confused.

The UFO kept pace with the airliner flying towards Thailand. Lucas Kim looked out of his window when he noticed something similar to the scene from The Twilight Zone episode, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.

Kim first thought it was just another jet, but he realized it was too close for comfort. Something was not right with the scene, so he grabbed his phone and started recording the UFO.

He could not believe what he was observing as it wasn’t a plane at all. He saw the UFO split into six mysterious objects surrounded by a greenish-yellow pulsating light.

The incident took place during the day.

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  1. Horace, yes “just birds”!
    I often have a large bird that lands at my feeder then splits into six other birds.

    When this big “bird” has his full, he often splits into six other birds that pulsate green and yellow.
    Then, very often, those six birds will fly up to forty thousand feet, match the speed of a jet liner (filled with passengers) and fly in circles just because they’re happy.

    I’m not going to insult your intelligence here Hesse; it’s obvious you’ve given your comment some considerable thought.

    However, please tell me where you buy your bird food sir because I just don’t have
    birds at my feeder that were first thought to be the size of another jet.

    ps I can’t resist, Horace; you have an IQ that is equivalent to that of a door knob.

  2. First, thank you for your rebuttle.

    Second, I prefer to be challenged by a intalect that is brighter than a fruit fly.

    ps BITE ME!

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