Senator Vows A Disclosure on Aliens and UFOs If He Takes the White House


Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders promised to tell the American public anything he learns about UFOs or aliens if elected president next year. The senator, who’s seeking the Democratic nomination to take on President Donald Trump, did the pledge in an interview recently released.

When pressed whether he would be open about alien knowledge with the public if he takes the White House, he said that his wife would demand to let the public know. Sanders explained that his wife is not a UFO nut, but she always asks information about the subject and even asks if he does have any access.

When questioned if he does have any access, Sanders responded that he honestly doesn’t, but he will declassify any information concerning aliens or UFOs.

The idea of aliens and UFOs has become an increasingly hot topic online in recent months. It started earlier this summer with the launching of the Facebook event titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,”

The event ended up getting the attention of the Air Force after it racked up hundreds of thousands of Facebook users who signed up to raid the secret military facility in Nevada.

The Air Force made a warning to the would-be raiders that they are ready to defend the base that serves as their open training range.

The event page and its backup were shut down recently by Facebook because of violations to “community standards.”

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  1. This is false advertising bullshit. You are and people like you are what’s wrong in our country today. You’re pathetic to show you’re offering info on one thing and then when you click on it, it’s totally something else. Really pathetic

  2. First of all Mr. SANDERS you virtually have no chance of winning the White house next year. You offer the people “health care for all” then come up with a price tag of thirteen trillion dollars. Dream on!
    Second, Mr. Ingram is correct in saying Presidents don’t get read in on all the UFO
    material because they only hold officoffice for a short time.
    In addition, because your wife tells you to disclose our most guarded secrets your going to obey her. She’s the boss?
    Tell her to run for office and let’s see how that works out for her.
    We’re talking about the “military Industrial Complex” that a former President of the United States warned us about because they are the most powerful organization on the planet.
    Just ask Billery Clinton’s how a promise of disclosure worked out for those two!

    Bernie when you get the “visit” from the “men in black” and they explain how it will work out for you if you open your mouth, you to will clam up! As they all do.

    A typical politician making promises that he can’t possibly keep. It’s a publicity stunt at best. Man up Sanders! While your at it, tell your wife to handle the things she is best at, laundry and washing dishes!

    Your socialist agenda is a load of crap. We live in a Free market society not one that is ruled by a dick tater.

  3. I made a mistake when I wrote dick tater.
    “dick tater” should have been in quotations.

    I got that from (Howard) on the Big Bang Theory when he called Sheldon Cooper [the Smelly Pooper] a GIANT “dick” then added the word “tater”, just to be nice and to ease the sting of Sheldons’ (Bernies’) insufferable stupidity and lack of common sence.

    Also; Bernie Sanders; to you Sir, I forgot to add the word GIANT before the words “dick & tater”!

    Please fix my blunders before I’m hit with a plagerism lawsuit for my comment (by thirty lawyers from the franchise, The Big Bang Theory).

    ps B.B.T., sorry people! I like to give credit where credit where credit is earned!

  4. @Peter John Weinrauch
    Have you not got it finally, that your wasted lines are totally unimportant?
    Some souls like you obviously do need some more and clear lessons…….
    Wonder about your strange energy to write on and on your totally superflous lousy lines…….like this one (copy in):
    “Please fix my blunders before I’m hit with a plagerism lawsuit for my comment (by thirty lawyers from the franchise, The Big Bang Theory).”
    Are you totally insane?
    It seems that you are the only person to be able to overtake yourself in just one sentence.
    Same other your lousy and cheap comment is (copy in):
    “Also; Bernie Sanders; to you Sir, I forgot to add the word GIANT before the words “dick & tater”!”
    Answer: You tell a lot of Bla bla bla……..
    You speak a lot, but telling nothing.
    It is typically behaviour of suppressed souls like you.
    Just numbers with no any real experience, with no any reputation.
    The world is full of empty numbers like you, therefore unimportant and unaccepted.
    Give your ‘credits’ to any priest, if he is open to hear you…….

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