Five UFOs with Incandescent Lights Spotted Moving Above Fukushima, Japan

Conspiracy theories state that aliens from far away planets of the universe have visited earth for hundreds of thousands of years to monitor humankind’s activities.

According to many conspiracy theorists, paintings on Earth showing UFOs and extraterrestrial-like creatures indicate that space aliens had come to the earth in the past.

In a recent UFO sighting report, a YouTube video shows five UFOs moving over the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. The video reveals that the mysterious event was recorded on August 20, 2019.

The UFOs on the video appear to have spherical shapes and incandescent lights while moving mysteriously in the skies. It cannot be determined in the footage whether the five lights come from different flying objects or multiple lights from a giant UFO.

Several viewers of the video commented that the existence of alien life on Earth is real and the latest UFO sighting video is undeniable evidence of their presence.

Similar lights were spotted over the Fukushima nuclear power plant a few hours before the earthquake that struck in 2011. During the earthquake that caused enormous damage to infrastructure and deaths, spheres of light had been observed coming out of the water at the edge of the power plant.

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  1. I’ll take the viewpoint of the pilots of those craft. Emagin the questions and thoughts they must have about the location of a deadly and toxic nuclear power plant at that location.

    1. Certainly those humans must know about plate tectonics by now and that plant sits on an active fault, subject to huge sunamie waves and massive shallow quakes.

    2. Seeing humans are able to launch spacecraft and land them on other worlds; they must have at least a rudimentary understanding of mathematics and of the probability that a majior disaster is inevitable at that location.

    3. If a large, shallow quake does hit near that plant causing a sunamie; certainly they must understand that massive amounts of radioactive materials will escape into the environment, rendering that area useless for a very long time.

    4. Knowing that the majority of the humans sustenance and oxygen comes from the sea, certainly they understand a majior food source for the inhabitants of that heavily populated island (and the world) would be in great peril.

    5. Don’t the people of Earth know that we offered them technology to solve these problems (allegedly) but certain governments’ turned us down because they would have had to disarm themselves first.

    6. Didn’t a man name Nicala Tesla Invent a powersourse that was free and didn’t harm the environment, then another man named Edison say to him: “if you can’t put a meter on it so we can charge people money, it’s worthless to me”.

    6. Yet these people who think they are so smart, keep building power plants in critical areas that are endangering their world but they just don’t seem to care.

    Of course Im theorizing here and I can go on but what’s the point, were getting really rich doing what we’re doing.

    Good thinking people of Earth!

    ps Yet we continue to wonder why we keep seeing, what appears to be, huge numbers of UFO’S in our world and around our solar system and Sun.

    Theory: “fix it fast or they will fix it for us!”


  3. C.G.I. had become so sophisticated that I have trouble believing most “viral” videos. And since almost everyone has a phone-camera I’m surprised that there weren’t multiple postings of this event. A little corroboration would help me believe that these UFOs were real and not merely a well crafted hoax.

  4. @Peter John Weinrauch
    “ps Yet we continue to wonder why we keep seeing, what appears to be, huge numbers of UFO’S in our world and around our solar system and Sun.”
    And why you never asked yourself why they haven’t ever landed here?
    There is a very simple reason for that.
    I don’t need 6 or more points (like you) to make it clear, I need only one point.
    And don’t make yourself even cheaper than you are.

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