Snake-Like UFO Returns as New York Resident Captures the Latest One On Video Over Clayville

A conspiracy theorist has claimed that a snake-like UFO has been captured on camera for the first time in several weeks.

Last month, UFO conspiracy enthusiasts were rocked about the videos of cylindrical objects flying over the US.

With the last clip appeared on July 13, it seemed the sightings had dried up.

But now, a Clayville, New York resident in the US believes they may have recorded one on camera.

YouTube username beamsinvestgations1 posted the footage showing a black cylindrical UFO hovering in the sky. The incident reportedly happened on August 6.

The witness said it was a gigantic snake UFO moving like it was alive.

Online UFO conspiracy theorists said the UFO has segments or spheres with the mysterious articulated body.

It appears in the video the camera struggles to focus, but the object in question is said to be at a high altitude, so it must have been massive as the witness described.

Some UFO enthusiasts believe captures like this should be treated with great scientific importance, but academics do not seem to take such material seriously.

Sceptical observers of UFO sightings such as this one have claimed in the past that they could be just strange-shaped balloons across the sky.

Others think that this kind of objects may be advanced spacecraft of the United States Air Force.

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  1. There is a giant clytricle hole, some where in the South of Mexico I believe. The hole is deep enough that cliff diving parachutes often dive into it then are retrieved via cable.

    I witnessed video and pictures of these tubular flying beings with wings like a centipede has legs.

    They were really tiney and moved at increadable speeds. Cameras catch them in one or two frames or with video in super slow mode.

    Perhaps these beings (cought on video) are the larvae form of this giant UFO that bends as if it’s in segments while flying.

    If you look close at the stills of this picture, you can also see (possibly) wings moving at increadable beats per second.

    Is what was witnessed in this picture really a living being that’s full grown and also shares the same air space as humans, only these creatcreatures fly so fast they’re nearly imperceptible?

    Are these strange flying creatures that live along side us but choose to remain anamous? An intelligent life form perhaps!

  2. I saw the exact same thing in CA late in the afternoon in the sky over Benecia/ Vallejo. It acted like it was alive. I watched it squirm around like a giant worm and then it just vanished. I pointed it out to several by standers but I was the only one who saw it.

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