Bizarre Stairway to Heaven UFO Spotted Over Florida

A strange cloud formation recorded on video over Florida has baffled some viewers, with several pointed to alien involvement.

The clip appears to show clouds organised in a ladder shape or stairway, with rings going up into heaven.

Since conspiracy theorist mavi 777 uploaded the video to YouTube, it has caused a stir in less than 24 hours.

The sighting was recorded on video on October 27 in mostly clear skies, with a thin layer of clouds above.

A baffled YouTuber said they initially thought it could be trails left by a plane but later changed their mind. They said that it is very challenging to figure out what is going there.

Another person commented along with alien emoji, saying that the rings in the clouds are freaky hell.

One YouTuber asked what causes the mushrooms over Florida.

Some others suggested that a cloaking UFO partially revealed itself accidentally.

They said that the cloaking capability of the UFO partially failed, the reason it shows some of its features to the people on the ground.

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