Strange UFO Lights Appear in Nighttime Skies Above Utah

A group of strange blinking lights that made an appearance recently in nighttime skies above Utah has since caused alarm among UFO enthusiasts, who are wondering about the reason behind the mysterious event.

The unusual sighting has occurred on the 10th of October in Bountiful, Utah. A resident captured the bizarre incident from his front yard communicating with the Amateur Radio Emergency Services Net, a network of trained, organized volunteers who help in public services during a disaster.

The video has since made the rounds online after it was posted on YouTube page ET Data Base.

The unidentified individual says that it’s crazy what he has seen as he attempts to zoom in on the blinking lights. He admits that the picture is terrible but he points out one light splitting into two, three, four, five, six, and eight.

The incident was reported to the Mutual UFO Network, a non-profit organization based in the US composed of people who study UFO sighting cases. The Utah UFO sighting report is listed as case number 104298.

According to the ET Data Base website, the eyewitness states that before recording the event, he observed around 50 bright orange lights entering the atmosphere over Antelope Island in Davis County from a southerly direction.

He thought a big meteor had broken up in the atmosphere, but then the lights hovered in a cluster and changed direction toward the East. He then saw the group of lights vanished, and a bright, white light was left and hovering in their place. He observed afterward multiple bright white lights blinking in a sequential pattern in a straight line as they were hovering.

The eyewitness further notes that an individual whom he shared his video also showed a cluster of similar orange lights over the ocean along the North Carolina coast.

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  1. i believe the only way the people on this planet are going to get complete disclosure on the subject matter of are we alone is to bombard the tv stations with these type of videos and demand that they be shown at every opportunity so that every world government admit to what we the vast public know is the truth that “WE ARE NOT ALONE ” this stupid idea of thousands of people heading to area 51 and trying to make them selves be heard is a complete waste of time and effort all the US GOVERNMENT has to do is put up a cordon so they cant get within 5 or 10 miles if area 51 and surround it with as much military bodies and hardware as deemed necessary and sit it out with the public until they up sticks and leave which will only end in stalemate , resulting in the greater public not getting what they deserve and that is complete and utter disclosure

    • Yes Steve, your cry is even to hear in higher dimensions.
      We never have been alone, whatever govments or media want to tell you.
      Area 51 – what a secret place, until today the government was able to handle the area as secret, right?
      If so, what kind of stupid people do live all around to just ‘accept’ the lies???
      It is people like YOU, always crying and always complain the situation, right??
      There were incidents in the past, which could call the persons doubts.
      But they were quiet, or have been in silence, with some very honourable exceptions, including some real space-pilots since the first moon-landing.
      So you must see all this in a special view, and NEVER try to tell here what you possibly ‘believe’ because belief is grounded into personal ‘experiences’ or ‘instructions’, but NEVER grounded in truth and in reality.
      So stop whining, instead try to begin to think about WHO YOU ARE.
      Soon you’ll find out that all the ‘pseudo-truth’ is nothing more than to distract you from reality – whatever YOU may call reality, you are wrong.
      Its just toooo big to inform you about the tiny ‘truth’.
      You would just break down completely and never want to see the hard truth.
      Keep on with your dreaming, longings, which never will come into this reality.

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