Crew Members Reveal of Seeing Flying Elongated Egg

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New details have been out about the mysterious episode of a crazy encounter with UFOs in 2004. Crew members who were on board a Navy warship during the encounter have come forward, offering new captivating first-hand accounts.

In November 2004, technicians on a training mission with the Nimitz carrier group about a hundred miles off the coast of Southern California started to notice unusual ghost tracks and clutter on the radars of the ship.

Concerned on the brand new AN/SPY-1B radar system on the Princeton was acting up, the crew recalibrated the advanced device to clear the errors, but the seemingly “false” radar tracks only became stronger, the first sign something rather unusual was taking place.

Princeton radar technician Gary Voorhis said that the tracks were sharper and clearer after they finished all the recalibration and brought their radar system back up. Voorhis said that the UFOs were sometimes at an altitude of 80,000 or 60,000 feet, and other times they were around 30,000 feet going around 100 knots.

Senior Chief Operations Specialist Kevin Day, who was tasked with airspace monitoring around the Princeton, also observed strange radar artifacts from the Combat Information Center of the ship. These bizarre artifacts continued for several days, according to Mr Day.

Voorhis became convinced it was not a radar error as the crew kept tabs on the bizarre signals. He finally caught a glimpse of the UFOs using the ship’s technology to pinpoint the signal and then peering through heavily-magnified binoculars. He is sure he saw something zipping around in the distance.

Day persuaded his superiors to allow an intercept attempt after nearly a week of hide-and-seek with the strange objects. Two F/A-18s were dispatched to investigate. The fighter pilots said they made a visual contact from about a mile away and noticed an elongated egg-liked object that was solid white, smooth, and no edges. However, the objects proved too elusive for the fighter jets, forcing them to withdraw the effort.

A second attempt would make the now-infamous infrared footage, leaked to the public in 2017. It features a pill-shaped object flying in the sky and audio of confused fighter pilots, struggling to identify the craft. The Pentagon only confirmed its authenticity in September 2019 and maintained it was never cleared for release to the general public.

Voorhis said that two men arrived on the Princeton soon after the F/A-18 intercept and asked for data recordings captured during the run-in, which he was ordered to turn over immediately. He revealed that other ship’s recording devices had also been wiped clean.

Another sailor aboard the Princeton, who chose to be unnamed, said that a Blackhawk helicopter landed on their ship and took all their information from the secret rooms. He noted that it was an unspoken rule not to talk about it due to their secret clearances and did not want to jeopardize their careers.

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