Daytime UFO over Denia, Spain

This is an old UFO footage recorded on 3rd August 2018 but it was just now submitted to MUFON. This happened in Denia, Spain.

Witness report: Unknown Orb/Light object travelling at steady speed along the coast of Denia, Spain. My wife, my son (7 years old at that time) and I were on the beach in Denia (38°51’02.3″N 0°05’59.5″E) having a relaxing afternoon while on holidays, when at around 17:30, my wife noticed on her right-hand side, a bright object cruising slowly just around above the Castle of Denia (38°50’50.6″N 0°06’49.0″E) towards our position, following the coastline in a South-East North-west path (38°53’53.9″N 0°03’54.0″E). In the beginning, we thought it was just a drone, but the object seemed too big and too bright from the distance to be just a drone, despite the sun could well reflect on metallic objects depending on the angle and position. As the object was approaching, the brightness didn’t seem to change but rather pulsate, which we started to think about something unusual. A commercial flight was around at that time but it was at a much further and a higher altitude and didn’t interfere in any way with the object. I decided to get my phone and record it. I was a bit frustrated because in previous years I bring my camcorder with me for holidays and I like to record events and fun times. That particular year I decided not to get the camcorder and rely on solely on my smartphone. With the camcorder, I could have used the powerful optical zoom and better quality image to record the event.

The object was travelling on a steady speed and steady path position (The object didn’t move on the sky up and down, it was me trying to steady my phone). I estimate the object was travelling in between 100-200 miles/h and an altitude of around 3000 feet or possibly less, with an angle with respect of the horizon of around 35 degrees.

The object seemed to be pulsating and was really quickly intermittently disappearing and appearing with black shades in contrast with its brightness.

As the sky was so clear cloudless, there is no appreciation of the object moving. Only at 2:21 in the video, I did a quick shot of the beach as a point of reference because I didn’t want to lose track of it.

It took my attention that while we were on the beach, no one noticed anything or no one noticed that we were very excited looking and filming this object in the sky like they weren’t aware that we were there. There was a couple just sitting 4 meters in front of us, facing nearly our direction and they didn’t seem to care about our excitement or our finding in the sky…. They didn’t even bother to look at what was going on in the sky… Weird! In fact, no one on the beach, and there were quite a few people, seemed to notice the strange event.

We believe we sighted a very good case of an unknown object of unknown origin but you can prove us wrong of course.

The object seemed to be flickering even more as it was disappearing in the distance towards Valencia. At one point we couldn’t see it anymore.

The whole event lasted about 4 to 5 minutes.

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  1. If you were using a phone, you could have probably pinched your thumb and forefinger together, touch the screen and spread your fingers apart to zoom. Next time you know.

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