Over 60 Percent of American People Want The Government To Make UFO-Related Information Public

Aliens Killing Human Beings

The majority of American people want government information on UFOs to be released to the public. Piplsay study revealed that 61 percent of people want the U.S. government to release any information it might have on aliens and UFOs to the public.

The study also found that 58 percent of people believe the government investigates aliens and UFOs, and 27 percent think the sightings are real.

UFO enthusiasts express their support on what the Americans want on UFO disclosure. They want the government to release the files from Area 51 and elsewhere. They are excited for the information to flow through the streets and into the minds of the people.

People are becoming more interested in UFOs after the Navy videos showing a “tic-tac” UFO became public.

How about you? Do you think UFOs and aliens are real? Some people do not have a clue and others don’t know anything more than the general public does.

UFO does not naturally mean it is an alien. It just means an unidentified flying object. However, it is possibly ET-related as well.

Either way, the majority of the people want the government to live on the edge, declassify everything and embrace the chaos.

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  1. i have been banging on now for sometime about this subject on ufos and its about dammed time the us government or whoever really runs this great country come clean and let the people of this great nation decide for themselves who are not in the least bit afraid to face the truth and this so called dark government should trust the american people decide for them selves instead of hiding the truth from them we are not children when the hell are the people who really run the affairs of america open up or have they got another agenda that they dont want us to know about which could provoke an even bigger blunder me personally i think its the latter statement that they are more scared of

  2. It’s not that some people can’t take the truth. It
    s the rest of the world that will go ape shit and cause chaos. World markets could fail, stock market crash and all sorts of economic problems could arise.

  3. Reading the last two comments, I can only say this:
    Isn’t it the people who elect the so called government?
    And after that, they see another complete failure of the elected people, their lies, false promises, corruption(Something which you can see with own eyes at almost every single day)…
    But you have nothing better to do than to complain your OWN failure???
    Men and women, who read this, think a bit, and you will realise that the only reason to ‘keep this lousy criminal “economic system” alive’ is YOU.
    With every single day you addicted handy-users and in ‘bubbles’ living slaves proof with every silly action that you are slaves.
    Not grasped?
    Not realised that there is ‘something’ beyond your so restricted thinking?
    And it is no any religion nor any so called ‘God’ – it is your own failure to been unable since aeons to just see the real reality.
    Cannot make it more clearly visible because your eyes and minds are closed.
    ‘World markets’, ‘Stock markets’ – you can’t see the GAME???
    Sheets of paper which banks promise you a special ‘value’ of nothing, can only be real IF stupid people do believe into this.
    1st Working for to earn money which makes you 2nd able to BUY things which YOU 3rd have formerly build with own hands……
    You don’t see the lousy game????
    Maybe you begin to understand, why no any extraterrestrial beings would ever land on this planet. Because as soon as they receive our lousy stupid TV and radio transmissions they quickly decide to fly away from this so primitive and evil place.
    With some exceptions – of course.

    Anyway, with this your behaviour you dig your own grave.
    Not realised? How many centuries do you need to finally SEE?

  4. We need the alien declosure as we need the technology they have to solve all our problems in this old world and it’s time to get all this technology out in the open so we can begin cleaning up our atmosphere and the earth before we sit around and watch out governments destroy it.

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