UFOs flying over Desert Hot Springs, California 7-Feb-2020


New footage of a bright unidentified flying objects in the sky above Desert Hot Springs, also known as DHS, a city in Riverside County, California, United States. This happened on 7th February 2020.

Witness report: My wife and visiting desert hot springs for the mineral waters that we do every year this time of year. We where headed towards yucca valley to visit. On Indian Canyon road going west towards highway 62 that take you to yucca valley. My wife is a birdwatcher for decades. She spotted the string of lights that she first thought they where white pelicans. Based on the flight pattern and how the lights changed shape and direct we knew it wasn’t birds. The sighting flew over head while we where driving and passed us fast going northwest towards the mountains. I pulled over to get video and photos off my iPhone. The lights or more like different shaped orbs numbers changed from 20 to 35 objects every time it changed directions.

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  1. This is SpaceX (Elon musk) satellites for 5g and for woldlink in the internet as well as smart cars to drive themselves and new military war/civil machines…Google spacex

    • To look for some short seconds a group of ‘lights’ brings you clearly to the statement about SpaceX?
      I didn’t know that Elon Musk started even a GROUP of space-ships, but YOU claim that anyway?
      Man, you are blind and even brainwashed and you talk a lot of bull……..

  2. how in hells blazes can the us government wether its the legitimate gov or the covert black govt not admit to ufos when the likes of these sightings keep being put down as flocks of birds ar whatever they decide to call them and when photos of these ufos are posted on sites like this one that we are on and give joe public a lot of STUPID smart ass answers as to what we are seeing with our own eyes all i can honestly say is if i kicked up a rumpus about this and it hit home to them would they send out a couple of their men in black to get me to shut up about it well all i can say is that if that happened to me the government would be missing quite a few of these strong arm boys before id finished with them the only person im afraid of is me because i would put them to rest very quickly and that remark i can vouch for is the truth

  3. The government wants us all to be inside for some damn virus that really isn’t a pandemic but the media would have us believe that it is and now these lights in the sky and being filed by the moon so um yeah you do the math there’s something going on they don’t want us to see that’s for sure!

  4. Just saw similar UFO in Palm springs April 13, 2023 at 11am waiting for Cheekys. Thought it was birds way up high near Air plane flight path, but I’ve never seen birds so high. tight formation like a small cloud and everyone once and awhile get a flash like sun off metal. then drifting like a cloud but moved back against wind. iphone camera not enough to get video. 3 of us saw it and everyone else ignored it.

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