Retired Area 51 Employee Gets Drunk in Vegas and Tells the Truth


After getting crunk in Las Vegas, a retired Area 51 employee makes some startling admissions.

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  1. Very plausible, in my opinion. People routinely see and film aerial craft which seem to be out-of-this-world. They must be coming from somewhere. We do not have such technologies as yet.

    • The late actor Jackie Gleason (in a recorded interview) spoke once of having dinner with President Ike at the White House once when he admitted seeing aliens working at Area 51…he said that Ike told him he had threaten to send in the 82nd Airborne to inspect the facility if they did not let him know what was really going on there. Also, I have seen a credible interview with a former security guard there who said the same thing…Why do these NON-ELECTED people have the right to withhold this information from us? Thanks”

  2. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. If totally true then the people of Earth need to know the truth. I’m sure there would be no panic, just curiosity. We could learn much more from then than they could from us.

    • I’ve studied the UFO phenomenon for 30 years and used to believe that the public had a right to know the truth about this. I can no longer say that, and believe there is a very good reason for this subject to be remained classified. It is definitely a national security issue that cannot be taken lightly.

  3. I’m convinced that these alien civilizations have learned to tap into the vast amount of energy that resides in the vacuum of space, zero point energy, for a propulsion system that can cancel out the effects of inertia, and is an endless supply. This system allows them to travel many times the speed of light, while retaining it’s mass, as it’s not them that are travelling, but it is space itself being warped in front of their vehicles. I also believe we have our own vehicles built by back engineering theirs.

  4. Rubbish .I would imagine because of the length of time this Area 51 has been in existence and the thousands of people that must have been employed there, if there was anything real somebody would have said something to
    December 10, 2016 at 12:57 am

    Rubbish.With the thousands of people that must have been through Area 51 as employees several of them would surely have been tempted to speak out on a medium other than the Internet which is absolutely full of fake stories by delusional people.
    Pure nonsense

  5. BAD. This dude is all over YT driving around the country, taking temp work when he needs it. He’s no “retired Area 51 employee”.

    This is CLICK BAIT.

    Even though he’s right about Orion’s second star.

  6. The claim that astronomical distances can be traversed in an instant actually seems to have some factual support. See

    Readers need to know more about “non-local physics”. See “Beyond Einstein: non-local physics” (Fraser, 2015) at: The .html file gives a link to the .pdf file but the former has additional information, and many more links and insights.

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