Huge solid UFO over Woodville, California – 2020

This huge unidentified flying object was seen and recorded in the sky above Woodvile, California. This happened in January 2020.

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  1. Well what my wife and I capture lately, on a daily, is definitely not a balloon , drones, or birds, but they are there, and there are many

  2. June 18th 2020 99 South 8:15 in the morning just north of the CHP weigh station just north of Chowchilla we are just past where a trucker had rolled his truck and Spilled a gas in the freeway Caltrans was picking up their cones opening the freeway back two two lanes we’re getting back up to speed when we seen liquid football it only way to explain it going Southbound along with us we got two photos of it but the photos don’t come out as what we were seeing with her eyes came out as a brown spear with liquid in the middle of it what we seen was it look like a football with a white gassy Cloud around it it wouldn’t longest for about 20 seconds made a left turn towards the hills headed east and then shot up and like a 80 degree angle and it was two jet airliners leaving contrails and the closest one it shot up over it with by about 20,000 ft disappeared 2 seconds did anybody else see this

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