Latest UFO Sightings Reports – April 2020

Latest UFO sightings that were submitted through our report page and Facebook page.

Plymouth, UK – 4. April 2020
Hey, I’m not sure what I saw tonight above Plymouth here in the UK, I was wondering if you had any ideas? This was taken tonight at 8:30pm our time,
the object slowed down then began to move up and down, then accelerated hard beforing vanishing into thin air.. The light to the top left is thought
to be the iss, the other object was much lower, lower than air craft flight seemingly.. Not moving in a straight line..

United States – 2nd April 2020
Don’t know what this was. From 38 to 45 seconds you can see i lost it and then it came at me. In tomahawk Wisconsin corner of hwy 8 and cty rd L

Evansville, Indiana – 30 March 2020
I seen five star like objects moving in East- Western direction in Evansville, Indiana at around 9 pm tonight. They were moving slowly and in a unison pattern. I video taped it, but it is not visible on my phone. You can kind of make out a few of them.

Victoria, Australia – 30 March 2020
Last night narre warren South was actually two of them too far apart to capture both for a good 45 mins . I noticed it just before midnight .

Boise, Idaho – 3/26/2020
Starting at approximately 9:20pm Mountain Time I witnessed 30-40 lights that were clearly in formation and on the same trajectory pass overhead. When I saw the first object I thought it was the International Space Station but the ISS did not pass over until 10:14pm. Then multiple similar lights kept following the first. Each was spaced out almost perfectly 15-20 seconds behind the preceding one. The path was from SW to NE. There was no sound, and no flashing strobes. The Flight Aware app did not show them as airplanes, and no satellite tracker had that many object listed. They all seemed to be in a line and traveled a similar speed as the ISS. I called several friends and family in town who stepped outside and also saw the procession.

London, UK – 26 March 2020
There are cigar shaped craft flying over north london right now. Both myself and my brother have seen a pulsating light and when we lifted the phone to record it vanished and on the next night we saw it again and I flashed a torch back towards it and it vanished again we also saw five what look like stars crusing around, these are on a daily basis but usually only one maybe two.

Portugal – 25 March 2020

Johnson City NY – 8:30p to 9:30 pm 03/25/20 close up encounter
Out my upper eastern bedroom window. I saw a huge close up of a:
Hovering Triangle Oblong orange lites & red round lites on 3 points. Not more than 100 ft from window & not more than 50 ft above neighbour’s house.
It was at least 75ft W & 5 ft tall. I dont really care if people belive me or not but would appriciate it if you would let me know if you heard from othets of this in Johnson City NY Broome Co. or not?
Also changed size and speed at least 3 times during hour sighting.

Nelson county KY – March 21, 2020
Bright round objects in perfect formation headed from west to east bound – watched for about 10 minutes in amazement. These were not planes. Each were about 10 seconds apart. Same intervals each disappearing in the same area. Have never seen anything like this before. Two of us saw the same thing. One UPS plane flew under these objects / lights appearing to almost collide. You could hear the plane but no sound from the white lights. The white lights looked like the size & brightness of a star. Each moving swift across the sky with the same exact distance between them and they just kept coming and then each disappeared one by one as they reached the same area in the sky – all at once they each faded away in the same manner. This was something to see! We were so amazed – we didn’t go to get our digital camera. By the time we thought about it and went in to get the camera – went back out and all activity stopped. We estimate there was atleast 1 every 10 seconds. We watched long enough to see at least 40. My husband saw this first just happened to be outside and looked up – called me to come out of the house and look so I did. I would not have believed otherwise. Wanted to report! This siting is in Nelson County, KY and was 9:20PM – 9:30PM. Curious if anyone else has seen this! Not sure where else to report.

Calgary, Canada – 20 March 2020
Hey. My friend and I and our kids saw something unexplainable flying over Calgary airports control tower on March 20th around 7-8pm

Tagum, Philippines – 17 March 2020
Hi, this is the photo my neice took last night 0400 in Tagum in Philippines. They said it was so bright amd makes eerie noise above the rooves of their houses. All of tjem were surprised to see a strange phenomena and mostly had never experienced such. None of them thought of taking video coz 4am is too early to wake up. But since they were awaken by the noise, they just took photo and went to sleep again.

Qaulicum Beach, BC Canada – March 14 2020
Last night I was witness to a UFO sighting here in Qualicum Beach , BC.
It was about 10:30 pm and my daughter and I where on our outside hotter when all of a sudden we saw the most amazing and longest shooting star we have ever seen, after seeing this, we started talking about UFO’s and my many experiences in Mexico before. After a few minutes she went indoors and I remained in the hotter, just lying down looking at the beautiful night sky full of stars… it was then that I saw a huge triangular shape, almost transparent, see- through , and it had small triangles within, it must have been at least 100 meters of the ground and it was slow and steady, I saw it fly above me and then just flew away… I felt mesmerized and amazed, I felt a little bit of fear , but it quickly went away ,and after a few more minutes I came back indoors and told my wife and daughter about the incident.
I just wanted to leave some kind of report of my experience last night, thank you for taking the time to read this.
I have had many more experiences with UFO’s in Mexico, but this was my first here in Canada after 9 years living here.
Now , I know they’re here , for some reason… this is very interesting!
location Qualicum Beach BC
date March 14th 2020
time Aprox. 10:40 pm
duration of the sighting 15 sec.
behaviour of the object(s) Flying low & steady
colour of the object(s) Transparent
shape of the object(s) Triangular
any souds heard None
weather conditions Clear night 4 C
and how you lost sight of the object(s) It flew over head and kept on going on the same direction

United States – 14 March 2020
Saw these 3 fireballs seemingly floating in triangle formation. Caught two in camera then the other two went lights out. Five minutes later an obvious helicopter came circling by that route

London, UK – 11 March 2020
Hi just thought I would share this with you. North London happened tonight. Was there for about 10 mins. Went back about 30 mins later and it was gone.

11th of ‎March 2020 at Newton Abbot Devon England
I had an incredible signing today. I was in the back garden sky watching and I had just zoomed in on a clear blue part of the sky with my Nikon P900 camera, when all of a sudden a saucer shaped craft flew directly into view. I was looking through the viewfinder at the time and I was very surprised by what I saw. I really wasn’t expecting to see any UFOs that close up. I was totally amazed. I could see that the surface of the saucer was very dirty looking like it was covered in soot, but what really caught my eye was the fact that I could see some sort of violet coloured energy being discharged from the back of the saucer shaped craft as it moved forwards through the air. I had never seen anything quite like it before. I could hardly believe what I was seeing… I quickly took a photograph of the saucer while moving the camera to follow the saucer as it flew across the sky. I was trying my best to hold the camera steady but it was almost impossible at such high magnification. The saucer then increased it’s speed and unfortunately I lost sight of it. I tried to reacquire the saucer in the viewfinder of the camera but it was no good it was gone. The saucer had been at a very high altitude and I definitely wouldn’t of seen it without my Nikon P900 camera. It was just sheer luck that I was already zoomed in to that part of the sky when the saucer had flown in to view. What on earth could this strange unidentified saucer craft be? The photograph was taken at 10:58 AM on the 11th of ‎March 2020 at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.1. Saucer Discharging Energy Original

Pass-A-Grille, Florida – 27 November 2019
I took this video on my iPhone on Nov 27 at Pass-A-Grille, which is on the south end of St Petersburg Beach in FL. This is the second red object I saw, I watched the first one without taking out my phone, then saw this one and took the video. Sorry it is so poor quality. Each red object appears as it it took off maybe from the Clearwater beach area (you can see for beach for miles at the end where I was), and pretty much followed the beach toward my location, like it were a helicopter flying low…but it was going pretty fast. Then, nearly right in front of me, each too a sharp right turn, traveling out toward the open gulf, rapidly disappearing, no sound. You can see the object seems to be pulsating or rotating and it was red. That’s it. Steve

Panama – 2013
I looked through your site and did not see a UFO like the one I photographed quite by chance in The Republic of Panama 2013. It had to be enlarged of course but it is a UFO.

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  1. Starting at approximately 9:00pm Pacific Time I witnessed at least 30 lights that were clearly in formation and on the same trajectory pass overhead. When I saw the first object I thought it was the International Space Station. Then multiple similar lights kept following the first. Each was spaced out almost perfectly 15-20 seconds behind the preceding one. The path was from SW to NE. There was no sound, and no flashing strobes. They all seemed to be in a line and traveled a similar speed as the ISS. I don’t know what I saw, but I noticed someone left a similar comment, also on a Thursday evening in Idaho.

    • Wow, I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE INTERNET FOR SIMULAR SIGHTINGS. On May 1st at 0545 I noticed two objects moving south. I decided to get up early on the second of May and saw the same thing except 10 minutes later the two objects came back moving east north east. I am thinking what the heck is going on. Again I was out early May the 3rd and saw six objects moving south in line and following the same flight path. Too cloudly this morning could not see any thing.

  2. My girl friend was giving me a hug in the street to leave when she noticed something in the sky. We looked on to see lights lined up in the sky perfectly spaced aligned and going the same direction south towards the moon. What was freaky was they vanished at this point. They where way to high in the sky and moving way to fast for planes. Think we saw about 2 dozen before the light trail ended. This is seems similar to your Idaho incident which I just looked up. April 29,2020 it matches the report in the replies also . Round Rock, Tx.

    • Me and a friend seen the same thing in Saratoga ca.on the 12 of April at 530 am .but besides the start line of lights there where also lights come from both sides of the line.then a large light came flying by at a very high speed. She has video of this

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