Triangle-shaped craft filmed over Los Angeles, CA 22-Apr-2020

This triangle-shaped UFO was recorded in the sky above Los Angeles, California on 22nd April 2020.

Witness report: A triangle shaped object with a bright white light in each corner. The object was stationary and kind of spinning in place before finally traveling north. The distance between the lights kept changing. At one point it was a straight line.

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  1. Hello, I have seen this exact object several times.. the first time was on January 4th 2020 but it was flying lower and I was able to see its shape in the dark sky almost invisible but could still see its sides.. at the bottom 3 spheres or dome lights of green, yellow and some kind of blue with red combination.
    I was so stunned at what I was looking and couldn’t conceive that this large aircraft could flight so low over my neighborhood and not emit any sound. It was approximately 2:45 Am, a Saturday morning. I have been watching the sky ever since and I have been prepared to film but it was until January 18th again at around 2:25 Am that I saw the same 3 lights but more like it shows in this video flying on the same direction as the January 4th one. about 10 minutes after I saw another flying object of the same size and shape virtually following the first one on the same exact path. I was able to get video of one of them more clearly than the other.
    Last night at around 11 pm I saw a different kind of UFO that I am still trying to process the visual evidence before I can start asking questions.. two balloon shaped object with long metallic bars at the end, on one it was a the bottom and on the second it was on the top. they were flying on a straight line across the sky at an altitude of no more than 8 thousand feet (I know because I live near LAX.) not loosing or gaining altitude but steady and I may have the opportunity to validate this with the pilots of a Hawaiian Airlines pilot that almost crashed with the object as it was preparing for landing just making a turn above my house. I would like to know if anyone has reported such sightings, the January 4th and 18th or the one from last night.. I can be reached via email.

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