Disc-shaped UFO over Devon, UK 23-Apr-2020

This interesting photos of a flying saucer in the sky above Devon, UK were taken on 23rd April 2020 and submitted to us to our email “report @ www.latest-ufo-sightings.net”.

Witness report: I was sat in the back garden sky watching and it was a lovely hot sunny day. The sky was clear and blue and there were no planes about in the sky. It was the perfect day and I couldn’t wait to capture something odd in the sky above me. I was sat there for some time looking around the sky with my Nikon P900 camera when a royal navy helicopter flew over the area. I watched it for a while before I took some photographs. I looked on as the helicopter flew over the horizon where I then instantly spotted a saucer shaped object that was moving at speed across the sky. When I zoomed in on the saucer with my Nikon P900 camera I could see that it was violet in colour. I quickly took a photograph of the saucer and watched as it accelerated away at great speed before I lost sight of it. Even though I only managed to capture the saucer in one photograph I still feel that it is very compelling evidence of alien crafts in our skies. I regularly see UFO’s around this area day or night and I strongly believe that the reason for this is because of our close proximity to the sea where I believe the aliens have underwater bases. The photograph was taken at 1:36 PM on the 23rd of ‎April ‎2020, ‏at Newton Abbot Devon England. All the best John.

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  1. It’s good at last to see a day time sighting which authentic. Very interesting that
    it is close to the sea too.

  2. Going through photos on my Computer from a trip to Ludlow and the Castle there was a dot which appeared I thought a seagull but was something else but was on max enlargement. Then again with the group on a day trip to Trentham Gardens a similar experience came up on film, the camera a Sony DSLR. Ever since getting this digital camera for the group and other digital cameras we have picked up other interesting happenings such as orbs.

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