Flaming Massive UFO Circles Through the Sky Above English Countryside

A massive burning object was observed hurtling across the skyline in Cambridgeshire for 20 minutes. Some thought that it was too big to be a shooting star.

A stunned boat owner in Stretham spotted a flaming red UFO circling the skies over Cambridgeshire before vanishing without a trace behind some trees. The mysterious object was reportedly spotted around 8 pm on Wednesday, April 15. The witness said he watched the eerie descend of the UFO for 20 minutes.

Gerry Underwood, 22, described the object as very big and too big to have been a shooting star and made a huge chemtrail.

Gerry, who lives on his boat along with partner Melanie, shared in an interview that they were outside when the strange thing flew into view.

The scene initially appeared to them as a very thick chemtrail and a short, skinny cloud.

As they looked at the object, they noticed that it wasn’t moving quickly at all. They concluded that it wasn’t a meteorite because they should have gone in seconds.

Gerry said that they had seen hundreds of shooting stars, and the object in question wasn’t that either. He explained that the apparent UFO was coming down very slowly and spiraling. Gerry provided pictures of the bizarre event, and he pointed out that the aerial thing started to glow orange, as seen in the photos.

Gerry also saw very unusual flames coming out of the back of it too.

Gerry took multiple pictures of the burning UFO through the sky. A massive plume of smoke can be seen behind it as it went down into the distance.

Gerry said he observed the entity fall through the air for between 10 and 20 minutes as it descended slowly.

Eventually, the flaming mass disappeared behind the trees in the distance.

Gerry stated he was looking towards Huntingdon as he watched it going down, but stressed the object might have landed.

He said the sheer size of the UFO got him as it was way bigger than the trees in the foreground.

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  1. In 1970 something. I had a home in Smithfield Utah. I was in my back your and looked up in the sky toward the east, when I saw a big fireball going toward the west. I first thought it was an airplane on fire, but soon decided it was a UFO of some kind. There was no smoke trail. After about 2 minutes, it stopped, and reversed it direction. Airplanes , or meteors cannot do that.!!!
    So I just watched it for about 5 minutes, until it flew past the big mountains to the east. Garold Williams

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