Top 10 Alien Close Encounters in Britain

Yukon UFO

If you thought UFOs and alien abduction stories were for America, only… then think again! For this list, WatchMojo UK counts down the most mysterious and infamous alien close encounters in Britain. From the Dudley Dorito to the Rendlesham Forest Incident… do they come in peace, to invade, or is Britain just where all the aliens want to visit first of all??

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  1. Tomorrow will be 68 years ago, when the Washington DC Merry Go Round of UFO’s stunned the capital of our country. Maybe the aliens will return ?

  2. The real context, is it ours or interplanetary. While our technology is fascinating from nuclear to electro magnetic. We have not the capability to take an airplane and shrink to the size of a bird and back again. Makes you wonder what are we really looking at.

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